An Adventure Where the Wind is Your Friend

My PIC (Paddler in Crime) made me go sailing with her. Sailing lessons to be exact. She needed a third body and I’m always up for an adventure, right? Suuuurrrre…except sailing scares me. I totally approve of being an innocent bystander going for a cruise while those that understand what they are doing, do it. “You’ll have fun,” she said. “The instructor is amazing, you’ll be fine,” she said. “You can write about it in your blog,” she said. This post is her fault.

Of course, it was fun and I was fine and instructor Meg is amazing and here I am typing away.

Believe me, I have not been transformed. I still prefer to be a lazy passenger. Instructor Meg is amazing because they worked¬†and I basically was a lazy passenger. My job was to secure the jib (and only on one side). OMG! ALL THE LINGO! There are ropes everywhere and they all have names I’ve never heard of and do functions that are a mystery to me.

Here are some of my takeaways from my windy adventure:

  1. When it’s too windy to SUP, go sailing
  2. We are blessed to live in this beautiful place with our precious bay
  3. Take the opportunity to try something different even though you are pretty sure it’s not your thing
    • You might be wrong
    • There will be some positive experience to walk away with
  4. It is a wholly different experience under the Newport Bridge than driving over it
  5. Whatever floats your boat, find a way to spend time on the water
  6. There are crazy people doing all kinds of crazy water sports in the Jamestown/Newport harbors
  7. Meg is one cool cat (look how chill we are!)


It is now August 1st. Plenty of time to schedule some water fun into your calendar but not that much time before warm weather days are few and far between. Do you need some ideas??

  1. SUP or kayak in East Greenwich harbor, Wickford Harbor, Narrow River or Upper Pt Judith Pond
  2. Rent a Jet Ski or even a boat
  3. Feeling brave? parasail, windsurf, surf or kitesurf
  4. Harbor cruise or sail
  5. Ferry ride: Providence to Newport, Galilee to Block Island, Quonset to Martha’s Vineyard
  6. or maybe you want to go underwater and try scuba diving?
  7. Sailing lessons with Meg

That is all for now. If there is something particular you want to see in a blog post, comment away!


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