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The Last Paddle

This morning I had the pleasure and blessing to fly over our gorgeous Narragansett Bay and as we made the u-ey to pull around to T.F.Green, I caught sight of One Hundred Acre Cove...


Hang (by your fingernails) Ten

I know that you think I’m super cool. Seeing me trying to ride waves with my Paddy and you would sniff and roll your eyes, pathetic! As my cousin Nancy says (about herself), “I’m...


Adventures on Narrow River

There will be multiple blogs that focus on Narrow River because the beauty and the options are almost limitless. This is pretty much my favorite spot in Rhode Island regardless of whether I’m paddling or...


Bring it Home, Baby

The next few posts are going to get a bit heavy on all the crap you need when you have a paddle board. Rather than overwhelm and bore you, I’m going to break it...


Zeke’s Bridge

This is the spot of My First Real Paddle on my own board. My uncle brought me (only three years older than I, he’s more of a big brother. He’ll like being called that being the...



Up until the last couple of years, volleyball was my thing. I played for a good part of 35 years and it has undoubtedly shaped my life. I can’t speak for other team sport...