I’ll Cryo if I Want To

My next adventures are just a short trip to the room next to my office where Northeast Cryo houses this baby. Pretty cool. Cool it is.


You ask, “What?”, “Why?”, “Does it work?” You can go to Northeast Cryo’s website for the “what” and “why” and as for the “does it work”, I am playing guinea pig. I know many of you are skeptical and I know there isn’t a lot of scientific proof but I am a massage therapist and there ain’t a whole lot of scientific evidence for that either. I’ve tried a lot of modalities over the years: chiropractic, Swedish massage, sports massage, kinesio-tape, rolfing, shiatsu, reiki, ashiatsu, cupping, physical therapy (laser, ultrasound, etc.), dry needling and now, cryotherapy. It’s not dangerous, or even risky, so why not?

I just turned 50 and over the last couple of years I’ve increasingly gotten slower and achier. I wake up sore. Bleh.

The chamber is literally 5′ from my massage table. How can I NOT give this a try? My plan is to do 3 treatments a week (more than that is not recommended because your body adapts and the treatment is no longer effective) for about 10 weeks. I’ll report my findings here and on social media.

So far, I’ve been in 4 times. 2 sessions were done at random times. My first time in was just days after my hike in The Subway in Zion where we had to swim in frigid waters a few times. The cryo was a piece of cake. If you’ve ever done a penguin plunge or even gone into the ocean in June, this treatment will not phase you in the least. Don’t ever take an ice bath again! Runners training for endurance events will be in heaven!

My 3rd session on Friday was prior to my workout and is my favorite so far. As I said earlier, I wake up sore. The Way workouts are unforgiving and use every part of your body. I came out of the cryo chamber feeling like a million bucks, the best I’ve felt before a workout in ages. Look out boys, here I come! 😀


Yesterday was my third session for the week and I tried it post workout. My body was pretty beat from back-to-back workouts and I definitely felt relief.

Like I tell my massage clients, one treatment will not erase years of wear and tear. I played volleyball for 35 years, been a gym rat since my 20s, and I beat on other people’s bodies for a living. Nor is cryotherapy the only self-care I partake in. I get regular sports massage and I go to PT bi-monthly to keep my forearms, wrist and elbows in working condition.

So…we’ll see. My hope is aid in recovery because I have no intention in giving up my job or my workouts/adventures. In 10 weeks I want to get out of bed in some other form than a barrel roll.


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3 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    Cool!!! Thanks for being our guinea pig – can’t wait to hear how you feel after 10 weeks! I don’t know if I could handle the coldness tho – I usually only plunge into RI waters in August – other than that, I’m a big baby – brrrrr

    • michelleg says:

      It’s like standing outside in the winter in a tshirt and shorts for 3 minutes. Cold but no big deal. I will be your test dummy 🙂

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