Land of Waterfalls

A couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of a little getaway with my honey to western North Carolina. We spent 2 days on a waterfall crawl in the Pisgah National Forest of Transylvania County.

Rainbow FallsRainbow Falls/Gorges State Park

Rumor has it that there are 279 waterfalls in TC. We managed to squeeze in about 10 with a couple of hikes mixed in. This area gets an average of 91″ of rain per year. Mountains + Rain = Waterfall.

img_8097 img_8104  img_8080 img_8077

The two upper pics are from Dry Falls (stupid name). Definitely the prettiest falls we visited. The bottom left is Looking Glass Falls and the bottom right is Daniel Ridge Falls. Not the best pic of Daniel Ridge but we were able to bushwack our way down the side of this falls which was pretty cool. If you have any interest in the area, here is the travel site that sold me. The other popular activities out there are mountain biking (big time), kayaking/canoeing and golfing.

One of the best surprises was our hotel room (I generally use to make reservations). It was incredibly charming and I wish we had stayed there longer.

brooktroutinn Mountain Magnolia Room Brook Trout Inn

Not only are the waterfalls beautiful but you can’t beat the scenic driving. Part of our loop took us along the famous Blue Ridge Parkway. You can’t imagine the views and iphone pictures can’t do it any justice. There was one view we took in that I swore we could see to Florida.

img_8086Looking Glass Rock

This was a wonderful, little getaway for me and the hubby but I’ll admit, I’m jaded by the West. The Appalachians are gorgeous, ancient forests but well, the Grand Tetons have quite a dazzle factor. Heading to New Mexico and Colorado in February to snowboard at Taos and Durango. I’m sure you’ll hear all about it!


img_8117 img_8073



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