The Last Paddle

This morning I had the pleasure and blessing to fly over our gorgeous Narragansett Bay and as we made the u-ey to pull around to T.F.Green, I caught sight of One Hundred Acre Cove in Barrington, where I just SUPped last Monday (remember that balmy week we had?). What a fabulous memory to come home to. We live in such a beautiful place ūüôā


I was very excited to write this post last Monday actually, while I was paddling! What a stupend-fabulous day it was and I was so fortunate to be able to take advantage of it. I have never been in 100 Acre Cove and I’ve often looked at it longingly while traveling rt 114. I’m not one to wing it and was able to do some recon on the boat launch at Walker Farm earlier this summer. I also used this amazing resource that a fellow paddler friend shared, it has a bio for dozens of¬†boat launches available to the public. Shoreline RI gives you a picture, a description and a interactive map and you can filter searches by town. It doesn’t have every possible launch but it is awesome.

img_8062 Entrance sign

img_8043 boat ramp and pier with dock      img_8042 and the neighbor rents kayaks!

And we finally set off! This day was a SUPper’s dream. The water was glass-like where I could see crabs and fishies scuttling about and then reflective where the clouds were mirrored on the surface. Sigh.

img_8044 img_8050

And it was so warm and balmy. Can you even stand it?

If that’s not enough? I saw bald eagles. Two of them. Maybe three, not sure on the third one cuz it flew off in the opposite direction. I kept asking them to come closer to me but they don’t always oblige. There are also tons of osprey, heron and egret (oh my).


Then there was the only thing that made this day not summer…










That was October 17th and I was in a tank, shorts and barefooted. It’s possible there may be another chance to get out but let’s face it, it was probably the last paddle.


Onward! (Killington got 5″ of snow this weekend! Time to switch boards!!)

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