The Only Wand Worth Buying Comes from Diagon Alley

Stepping away from HIGH adventure today, lol. I want to write about another aspect of wellness. I want everyone to be happy and healthy and I want you to find that from within. It is a challenge for me to put these ideas into words so bear with my awkward shit.

EVERYONE I know wants something in their life to change. I would say 95% of my humans want to lead a healthier lifestyle. Stop wishing and stop thinking and start doing it. In order to create change you must do something different. You want change yet you keep mostly doing the same things. We wish we could keep going on as we are, we just don’t care for the outcome!



Lifestyle change means slowing down and taking a cold, hard look at how we live our day. Most of the day we trip along sub-consciously from task to task. We never slow down and rarely take time for reflection (except to beat ourselves up after eating a bowl of ice cream for the fifth night in a row). If a spare moment is to be had, we’re checking in on FB or Instagram or pinning the healthy recipes we’d love to make but never will make because we spend all our free time scrolling through them. We have lots of good intentions paired with a whole bunch of in-, un-, and non-action.

We cripple ourselves with the vast and copious amounts of information and options the internet has given us. All these products and programs are merely a distraction. We’re willing to spend hours looking for that magic potion that will easily solve our problem. We’re also willing to spend a ton of money. I know so many people that “love” their Fitbit but I swear they’ve gained weight (not that it’s all about weight).  10,000 steps a day is a good thing but don’t kid yourself here.

Stop looking outward. What you need is inside.

Going about your daily routine but adding someone’s expensive supplement program (Jenny Craig, Herbalife, Advocare, the list goes on and on…) does not bring change, it brings debt. Stop making someone else rich.  Yes, you may see quick results from these plans/products but are you really planning to use them for the REST OF YOUR LIFE??  Stop delaying the inevitable. This ties in with my favorite parenting advice, “Never do once what you don’t plan to do again.” Lifestyle change does not come pre-packaged from Amazon Prime. Sad but true.


Please think about the things you want in life. And get super specific. Saying that you want to be healthier is too vague. Don’t overwhelm yourself, just pick one or two very important things you want to make happen. If one of those things is a really big thing, break it into small things. Make a list.

IMG_7531I’m obsessed

Work on the small things one at a time. Change is super difficult. Change is a process. Taking each baby step forward will get you closer to where you want to be. Surround yourself with like-minded people, you need all the cheerleaders you can get. Make sure you build fun into it. Stop joining gyms if you hate the gym! Pick activities that you like and that you will do.


Can the negative self-talk. It is such a waste of your time. Focusing on what you don’t like and what you don’t want takes precious energy away from what you do want. If you catch yourself doing it, tell yourself to shut up. Go and look at your awesome list of small things and work on it. Go for a nice paddle and reset 🙂

Summer is winding down. Pull up your pants and get to work. Need help? I’ll help.



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