You Want to Do What?

I went way out of my usual “comfort zone” last weekend and spent the afternoon at the Seekonk Speedway. Haven’t been since I was a kid. If you asked me to go these days, you’d probably get this look.


Well, the Speedway had a pumpkin smashing event posted on Facebook and a friend had clicked that she was interested. For whatever reason, smashing pumpkins with race cars piqued my interest. My friend and I discussed and next thing you know, we’re going to Seekonk Speedway. The Speedway dubs this event a “Thrill Show”.

We. had. a. BLAST.

As you know, most of my free time is spent hiking or paddling. I definitely wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Whoa. The people! Stereotypes can be discriminatory and cause us to misjudge but they exist for a reason, LOL. There was a very cool blend of gearheads and rednecks, ink and Halloween costumes, families and romantic(?) dates. Better people watching than the airport. I wish I took lots of pictures but I was too chicken.

There were several styles of races: street legal one-on-one, car & truck Enduro, Powder Puff women drivers, and figure-eight. Mind you, these are not fancy race cars. They are beat-to-shit shells of cars that race. Other than the street legals, there were car crashes everywhere. So exciting! The 10 lap Enduro races had around 20 cars running the track. It was rare for 4 laps to go by without the red flag waving so tow trucks could clear the track of dead metal and debris AND/OR for the fire trucks to put out engine fires AND/OR the rescue to check on injured drivers! It was total chaos and wildly exciting. You didn’t know where to look next worrying that you’ll miss the next pile up. Kinda sicko.

ss-m-smith_10-8-16 ss-m-smith_10-8-16-1 (pics care of Seekonk Speedway)

There is no bad seat but sitting on the corners, while exciting, is very dirty. We were constantly spattered with ? rubber? I have no idea what exactly it was but we were covered in a gritty haze. It is also smokey and smelly; lots of burning rubber and exhaust. I was a bit headachy and nauseated but the thrill of the show surpassed these discomforts. The races ended in figure 8s with a big pile of pumpkins in the center. The first drivers implode the pile and as the pumpkins get smashed it gets slipperier and sloppier. I have no idea how race judges have any idea who’s in the lead. Our only complaint the whole afternoon was that it had gotten dark out and the center area wasn’t well lit. I would like to be able to properly view these insane pile-ups! We were there for 5 hours. Initially, I thought the $25 entrance fee was steep but we were there for 5 solid hours of funning.

SO. You never know. Every once in awhile you have to give in and do something out of your ordinary. Maybe I’ll see you there at the next year’s Thrill Show on Memorial Day weekend!

Start Your Engines! (that’s Onward! in gearhead-speak)


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